A short story about love, friendship and life.

Use the arrow keys to move around.

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Use the arrow keys to move around.



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Nice game

Can I know if there is any story you are trying to tell here?

First of all, thaks a lot for playing it.

In this game you make your own story in certain way, but there is an special inspiration on it: the lost of a familiar and the díficults to deal with all the troubles from that moment on, all of this with the rest of my family when i was a child. It also make a point on approaching to new people to make frinds, because they will be an incredible support on your life and maybe between thouse friends you can find the love of your life, thats what happened to me.

That was mainly my inspiration. Thankyou again for playing it.


I more or less thought the same after playing it - just wanted to know if I am right

Good luck with your future projects

thanks a lot.